Our Mission

Reduce Waste

We reduce waste by using up to 50% less plastics in our products. We make sustainable materials by incorporating natural fibers, like bamboo and rice hulls, into traditional plastics (like PP, bio-resins, PLA). Our products are currently being used in the packaging, consumer products, and automotive industries.

Reuse Waste


We strive to raise awareness, challenge perceptions, eliminate misconceptions, provide accurate information, and encourage action. 

The World Bank estimates that waste will increase from 2.01 billion tonnes in 2016 to 3.40 billion tonnes in 2050. Out of this waste, 242 million tonnes is plastic waste only. Consumption of plastic is increasing, while our world does not have any sort of grasp on how to manage the waste left behind.
At least 33% of waste is mismanaged through open dumping or burning. An estimated 1.6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions were generated from “managing” solid waste in 2016. By 2050, these are anticipated to increase to 2.6 billion tonnes.
Solid waste management is critical, but overlooked. Individuals and governments make decisions everyday about consumption and waste management that affect the health, productivity, cleanliness of communities. Our planet’s resources are precious, and unfortunately, not ..neverending.
Countries do not have an adequate system in place to deal with waste, people are badly misinformed, what we are currently doing is highly ineffective, as seen from the data, so clearly, we have to change what we are doing.