Pivot provides material in two different categories: Durable and Compostable.

BioDur (Durable Biomaterials) 

  • 5% – 45%  renewable natural materials
  • Strong and durable materials that reduce the use of plastics
  • Current fibers include bamboo and rice hull
  • Custom formulation available

BioPur (Pure Biomaterials)

  • 100% renewable content
  • Can be made with or without fibers
  • Current fibers include bamboo and rice hull
  • May include traditional plastics!
  • Custom formulation available


Natural fiber composites are more eco-friendly and more sustainable than traditional plastics.

Increased concerns about our environment and consumer awareness, paired with bans and increased regulations on single use plastics led to the creation of BioDur materials. Human consumption of scarce resources such as fossil fuels can be reduced by using BioDur products. These materials also make use of highly renewable plants such as bamboo and other waste materials including rice hulls.

BioDur materials have a wide range of applications, from the automotive industry, home and housewares products, shipping pallets, packaging and some disposable items where strength is required.

Our materials can be used in most current, conventional manufacturing equipment and are available at competitive prices.


BioPur materials are made from renewable resources like corn,  beet or cane sugar. In our case, we may also include additional organic content like bamboo or rice hulls, increasing the sustainability of the product, while increasing specific material properties.

These materials are intended for some household products, one time use disposable items and packaging.

To see your product in action, please get in touch one of our engineers. We will reply within 48 hours.

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