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Pivoting the Plastics Industry

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“We don’t make plastics, we reform plastics”

Pivot Materials is a millennial-woman owned Detroit based social impact business that is reforming the plastics industry. The name Pivot comes from their goal to change or pivot the plastics industry. Plastics are used in almost everything we do, from safe toys for kids to disposable medical devices. Unfortunately, some of these products eventually end up in our waterways, but most goes to landfills. Pivot Materials reduces waste, reuses waste, and educates consumers through their products.
They specialize in manufacturing composite plastics using natural fiber bamboo or rice hull fiber. Pivot’s products are light-weight, sustainable, durable, and cost competitive and do not require changes in the current manufacturing setup or special tooling. Through our products, we reduce waste, reuse waste, and educate consumers.
Kylee Guenther was one of the 13 Sephora Accelerate Cohort members, where she looked to create an eco-friendly plastic alternative for beauty/retail rigid packaging. The company is currently working with Plug and Play Tech Center, which is a tech startup accelerator. In 2019, Pivot Materials will be expanding to other natural, biodegradable fibers like rice waste and hemp. In addition, they are also launching a line of home and houseware products made from its bamboo composite.
Pivot is more than just a company – It is a lifestyle. They provide high quality, easy to use bio-materials which use less or no plastic. Hey – None of us are perfect and recycling is hard – Let’s help each other!