Our Team

We’re a small, agile team of engineers, scientists, management pros and start-up guru’s.

We’re based in Detroit. We’re makers, creators who live sustainably. Having developed in the city of Detroit Pivot has grown with strong ties to automotive and how to reduce the carbon footprint associated with the industry.

Pivot has grown exponentially in the past few years just as the bamboo Pivot is built on grows faster than any other plant. Pivot has greatly expanded its capacities for all scales of manufacturing which has led to major growth and success in the company.

Kylee Guenther

Kylee Guenther is the co-founder and CEO of Pivot Materials (Pivot) and an experienced entrepreneur. She’s passionate about finding environmentally friendlier solutions to everyday issues involving sustainability.Kylee was a University Fellow at Eastern Michigan University, where she studied Management.

Raju Patil

Raju Patil is the Co-Founder and Engineering Manager at Pivot. He was born in rural India and lived there until achieving his dream of becoming an engineer and automotive designer. He moved to the United States and has since worked for companies, including Honda, Toyota, and Tata.

Gordon Guenther

Gordon Guenther is a tech Principal Advisor for Pivot and has worked in plastics his entire life. He started as a high school co-op student sweeping the floor and worked his way up. Some of the most interesting/rewarding projects include developing a way to integrate transparent plastic in with opaque plastics such as the viewing line on a gatorade bottle.